About Upstream


Origin Story | Act One

While Upstream is only two years old, our story begins over 20 years ago. In the late 90’s and 2000’s, Tim Hortons was defining itself as Canada’s most beloved and iconic brand, built through a consumer-centric marketing approach and incredibly moving and memorable advertising. Two central collaborators were at the heart of Tims rise – Bill Moir helmed Tim Hortons Marketing Department for 25 years while Paul Wales was its long standing Executive Creative Director at the ad agency.


Origin Story | Act Two

In 2016, these two renowned brand-builders would come together again to form Upstream -a streamlined, next-gen creation company specifically designed to build powerful brand stories that move audiences to move businesses. Joined by Chris Hopper to shore up strategic brand practices, audience empathy and client management, Upstream was UP and running.


Move Your Audience, Move Your Business

The Upstream team is an experienced group of brand builders specializing in the creation of compelling brand stories across all formats.The founding principle of Upstream is straightforward – always start with the audience, marrying those insights with brand objectives to infuse creative with both relevance and effectiveness.


Creative & Production Become ONE

ONE Vision. ONE Stream. ONE Budget.

Our collective brand marketing, strategy, creative and production expertise is integral to Upstream’s streamlined process – resulting in the disciplined creation of high-quality branded content across formats.


Smart and informative videos that are crafted specifically to move business audiences.

Compelling brand/product videos that naturally integrate ambassadors while reflecting their own native content.

Entertaining short-form web series content with seamless brand and product integration - enhancing story authenticity.

Traditional commercials created to compel, inform, and resonate with the masses.

Highly targeted short-form advertisements created specifically for digital consumption.

Simple yet entertaining demonstrations of how a business or product meets an audience need, in a distinct way.

A curated collection of our latest branded video creations to explore.

Original video creations inspired by our passion for crafting stories that move people in various ways.

Swiss Chalet | Thanksgiving
Jamieson | Cold Fighter
Asche Brewery | Whole Hop
Swiss Chalet | Crispy Chicken
Oxford | Caitlyn
Swiss Chalet | Festive Special