Distracted Walking

Moving Pedestrians to Help Them Move Safely

Distracted Walking


We’re proud to live and work in one of the biggest cities in the world – Toronto. We love to walk our busy streets, but observed a new and risky phenomenon – Distracted Walking – as pedestrians blindly navigate our sidewalks and intersections with their heads down on their mobile screens. We wanted to help keep our streets safe for all pedestrians.


We wrote, directed and produced a public service announcement campaign to bring attention to the inherent and absurd risks of distracted walking. We partnered with the Downton Yonge Business Improvement Area, home of the busiest intersection in Canada – Yonge & Dundas, to ensure the message got through to the city’s most distracted walkers.

The campaign was featured prominently on the big screens of Yonge & Dundas square, across all social media platforms, and in elevators within the city’s core.