Founder, Chairman


Bill Moir

The first thing you should know about Bill is that he’s one of the good guys in the industry. While he has a genuine, humble and approachable personality, Bill is also one of the country’s most renowned marketers – driven by a disciplined customer-centric approach to brand marketing.

Partnering with Paul, his Agency’s Creative Director, Bill led the Tim Hortons brand to iconic status in Canada from 1990 – 2014 . And while he would tell you that he had the good fortune of working with a group of talented people over his career, Bill has been recognized as Marketing’s Marketer of the Year, Ad Age’s Top 10 Marketers in the World and received the prestigious ACA Gold Medal Award.

Bill loves to analyze, discuss and debate – whether it is business planning, marketing strategy, brand positioning, creative execution, the latest craft beer concoction or last night’s Jets or Leafs game.